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Article 18: Counter

Sara Farolfi

the manifesto - 03/04/2010

CGIL, Pd and left arise. CISL and UIL (and UGL) instead approve
not repealed but simply bypassed. Not mentioned Article 18 starts on the road of rapid storage. After two years of parliamentary shuttle, the so-called "related work" (the bill B 1167) arrived yesterday in the final reading in the Senate, the offending article (the one on conciliation and arbitration) was approved in the evening and already the 'full measure could become law. The government succeeds in failure eight years ago and it does so without ever naming the object. Article 18 is in fact empty, made written off, replaced by arbitration tailor-made our local entrepreneurship. Does not decay, but use it will be increasingly difficult.
Minister Sacconi is ambitious man and yesterday, the stage of the fifteenth UIL conference said: "We have the titles to go further, to a new status of the work." Nobody in the audience was breathless. And the controversy levatesi, Sacconi blurted out: "The further evidence of bad faith of those who always wants to turn the social tension. Not for nothing, all but the CGIL, have shared this rule. " Difficult for a union to defend a rule which allows you to replace the reinstatement of the job (in case of dismissal without just cause) to a more comfortable fine, but CISL, UIL, UGL, and also, they can. The CGIL also yesterday denounced the actions of the government, pointing the finger at all the other "rules deregolatorie 'that' connected 'introduce' A pejorative set of rules (including the apprenticeship at 15 years) are in addition to arbitration, certification and the role of the Labour Court - defines the confederal secretary Fulvio Fammoni - in an attempt to overturn the foundations of law of work around standards such as Article 18 created to protect the weakest and thus consume a clear disproportion between the rights of the worker and the employer. "
The surgery of the government - as is explained very clearly on page 10 of this paper - consists in the enlargement of the meshes of the 'arbitration' means, in essence, in the signing and certification of the employment contract, so when the relationships di forza sono con ogni evidenza sbilanciati dalla parte del datore di lavoro, potrà essere inserita una clausula in cui si dice che eventuali controversie si risolveranno non davanti a un giudice, e dunque in ottemperanza alla legge, ma davanti a un «arbitro», in ottemperanza a ben più generici criteri di «equità». Il datore di lavoro potrà dunque imporre la strada dell'arbitrato ai nuovi assunti. «Solo per i contratti certificati - replica Sacconi - ... E poi non dobbiamo pensare che il lavoratore sia un minus habens».
Trovare «un certificatore che attesti la reale volontà delle parti» sarà un gioco da ragazzi per le imprese. Quanto invece a chi ha già un contratto a tempo indeterminato, the wording of the law, as explained by Tiziano Treu (Pd), provides that arbitration may be introduced by agreement between the parties, even during construction. To introduce the use of arbitration will be the collective agreements (but if the parties can not agree shall be the Minister by decree). Behind the fig leaf that seek shelter and CISL UIL: more room for bargaining! But Treu is still to explain that there is also a second path, that of an individual agreement between the individual worker and his employer. 'Article 18 could become an option, "concluded the former minister of labor.
Stefano Fassina, chief economist of the Democratic Party, describes the whole "a plan looking to the distant past for a labor market wild, diametrically opposed to what could push our production to a competition of quality. " Antonio Di Pietro speaks of "an executive who incites violence against the world of work", and re-launch the general strike called by the CGIL to March 12 ("taking part with strength and conviction"). Paolo Ferrero (PRC) and Roberta Fantozzi (responsible work of the PRC) decided to "an extreme act of protest," the hunger strike, and announce a battle refenderaria which will also cover this bill. Stigmatizes the bill also Nichi Vendola (Sel): "It's a shame, and questo punto diventa fondamentale che tutte le forze democratiche e di opposizione si impegnino affinche i diritti dei lavoratori non facciano un salto indietro di mezzo secolo, a partire dal sostegno allo sciopero generale convocato dalla Cgil per il 12 marzo».


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